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Retail Donations & Simpilified Grants Event Flyer

Learn about how your organization can receive simplified Grants & Retail Donations from Walmart, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond and more to support families in your community.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, it's vital that you understand the use or potential use of advanced technologies for expansion. Yes, business aligned technologies can help increase your business efficiency or even expand operations when warranted.

A broader customer base is also essential for the longevity of your business operation and return on investment.

Exposing the business to a wider audience is an advantage competitively for all involved. The goal is to increase a pool of potential customers to improve sales dramatically or to increase profitability.

Learn how to expand your business properly while placing the brand identity of company in the forefront of many customers' minds.

Technology is powerful. That power can be translated into dollars and cents, when it helps you run your business more efficiently and more profitably. The good news is: there's a lot of technology out there that is cost-effective and packs a punch for a small business. The bad news is: there's a lot of technology out there - making things very confusing.

Let’s discuss strategic options for increasing your return on investment, such as your strategies for web solutions, anti-virus methods, leveraging accounting and social media solutions, virtual systems, collaboration space and more.

How important is intellectual property protection to your startup? Not too long ago, defensible intellectual property was one of the top things venture capitalists wanted to see in a startup.

Understanding and managing risks surrounding Intellectual Properties is the most single most important asset a company possesses. Whether it is physical or digital, customer data or operational information, trade secrets or business strategies, intellectual property is often the main driver of revenue for any organization. It is what distinguishes one company from another and is the main reason customers buy the products and services that they do. Of course, any vulnerabilities in the security of these assets are primed for exploitation by parties looking to gain a competitive edge. With the sheer amount of data available, achieving total protection has never been more difficult or required such a broad scope of methods, approaches, and observation.

Learn more about how to acheive maximum protection in the intellectual property space.

Measuring the health of your business is essential.

The upcoming small business weekend symposium is an informal and casual session.

Entrepreneurs and business owners alike will enjoy a non-industry exclusive event as well as collaborative business opportunities and strategies that lead to immediate useful content.

Your time is available to us as your day will not be spent on cookie cutter components of traditional business implementations and deployments.

Yes, no fees for attending this well attended small business weekend sessions.

We bring together Entrepreneurs and business owners alike for the purpose business development, trusting professional collaboration and revitalization. Actually, business leads evolves naturally from genuine relationships.

Our Consultants are ready to assist you as you are welcome to visit our office.

Let the building or revitalization of business begin with the actionable you.