Drawing from over 25 years of experience, we are able to address and solve challenges faced by small businesses and entrepreneurs alike. We are the Entrepreneur Marketplace of resources and development.

We assist small businesses in making operational and critical decisions on-demand through improved efficiencies, forecasting, trending analysis while increasing their profitability margins.

We are your Marketplace of resources and development, and our focus is the efficient operation of your business. Our goal is to reach out to small businesses and supply them with Tech savvy solutions, deployment strategies, and entrepreneurial support assistance. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, and with this in mind we offer time proven business plans that simplify decision making, meeting goals, and improve the overall functioning of your business. A good business plan enhances the reality of your projected success

We are work at every level to ensure a successful customer engagement. Keep in mind, it is our obligation to establish and monitor stolen or misuse of intellectual properities. We report our findings to proper authorities respectively for desired business outcomes for our members.

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Small Business Exchange Introduction

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We Love What We Do

Collaborative Strategy. Less Paperwork. Increase Profits. Win-Win.

Quality Assurance & Management

SBExchange™ embraces quality assurance (QA) and testing services opportunities to realize success holistically.

Focused benefits consist of accountability, completed process, consistency, compliance, improved communication and availability of digital records.

Focus on most significant changes prior to new release cycles. Stakeholders collaborate to understand prioritized events prior to testing efforts.

Foundationally, align all quality activities, but not just a few enterprise objectives. As far as emerging practices, try embedding quality activities into key processes across the organization.

The quality function supports and evaluates quality throughout the enterprise but does not mandate the details of how quality is achieved. In the meantime, the team leads continuous improvement efforts in various business units.

If you have any questions for related consulting efforts. We are available.

Meet Our Advisors

Our Executive Advisors possess over a decade of experience in their various profession(s).

Our Expert Executive Team

Theses are your expert team with more than 20+ years of experience within their respective industries.

Byrant Holloway, MBA Finance / Banking / Mortgage / Management / Planning / Project Leadership

Bryant Holloway is a pioneering authority in organizational development, management, customer relationship strategies and leadership.

Bryant Holloway have managed several companies including banks and mortgage companies. His business acumen is essential to many of our economic readiness and sustability across many industries.

Bryant Holloway possess a Bachelor and Master degree in Business Administration and is currently completing his Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in organizational development.

Dr. Frank Clinton, Ph.D. Investments / Finance / Insurance / Management Analytics / Business Resource Planning

Frank Clinton executive and managerial business involvement and engagements spans across many industries, such as Insurance, Finance, and Investment.

Frank Clinton roles included Chief Operating Officer, Project Management, Operational Management, Executive Leadership Development, Senior Investment Representative and Insurance & Health Agent. His expertise also include implementation of Management Strategies and Business Development.

Frank Clinton has a Master degree in Business Administration (Operations Management) and a Doctorate degree in Theology.

Patricia Hall, B.A., CPA Certified Public Accountant / Acquisition / Tax / Financial / Budget / Expense Management

Patricia Hall business accounting collaboration spans across industries, such as Construction, Healthcare, Public Accounting, Real Estate, Private Equity, Commerical Lending and Telecommunication.

Patricia Hall competencies and roles included Senior Accountant, Assistant Controller, Accounting Management. The business collaboration also included process optimization, budget administration, expense monitoring, and financial forecasting.

Patricia Hall holds a BA degree in Accounting from Louisiana Tech University.

Our Professional Staff

Because of an uptick in personnel vulnerabilites across the internet, staff official names are not displayed. However, respective company divisions are as follows.

Official Boards
Executive Board
Certification Board
Compliance Board

Professional Business Analysts
Service & Product Development Analysts
Acquisition & Launch Development Analysts

Member Small Groups
Business Planning
Quality Assurance
Business Analytics & Statistics
Business Travel, Telecommunications and Video Communication
Keys & Factors of Increase Revenue

Happy Customers

These are our satisfied returning customers experiencing continued business success.

The learning experience help us to develop a sound business web presence. We implemented together a sustainable businesses web presence resulting in a desired driving improvement clinic. I recommend the collaboration for any business revitalization or development.

Falandus Pass FALTON Solutions, Virginia

Our planning period with the Small Business Exchange was exceptional and rewarding. They provided us with a business strategy that unveiled unforeseen future challenges which was solved during our discovery efforts.

Now, we are a member receiving relevant resources.

Yanisha Minor Minor Adjustment, Texas

  • Michael Williams(Director of Sales)

  • Peter Harrison(Director of Acquisition)


Our Certification Board

The private Certification Board manages the acceptance, denial and maintenance of all certificates and certifications disbursed as a private institution or agency.

As a private Provider, our Certification Board is comprised of Ph.D. industry Practitioners and Educators reviewing the educational acceptability and compliance readiness for all recipients to ensure marketplace competitiveness.

However, our high standards of intentional learning has always been paramount to our current and ongoing success.