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SBExchange is a place for entrepreneural mentorship, coaching and training. We guarantee results when the roadmap set-forth has been adhered to in an instructional, timely and scheduled manner.

We serve as an incubator and also a conduit for new businesses ready for the marketplace or seek revitalization of their business.

We help the new businesses and their owners to create an entrepreneural spirit of developing new innovations in meeting their industry needs and much more.

Entrepreneurs arises from various walk of life, such as the unemployed seeking an alternative route to gainful employment, those that are economically disadvantaged, and those currently in the marketplace over period of time needing the revitalization of business of a different perspective.

We, together, identify a viable business ideas for you based on skills analysis and the use of our competency model and to help develop those skills or competencies that may have been out of reach.

We, together, evaluate your existing industry experience(s) or to help you develop experiences by creating business platforms to advance your business experience for the marketplace.

We, together, review your existing capital or to engage ourselves with individual/group capitalist or capitalist organizations that invest in sound business ideas to be converted into products and services as delivered to the marketplace.

We, together, review your credit and other related credit information to ensure a standard of success. If challenges exist, we work to mitigate credit risks to you and your business ideas.

However, building or having the resouces of support and time that is required of an entrepreneur is essential in order to ensure decisions are addressed and discussed fairly from an outside source with various perspectives. If the resources does not exist, they are established accordingly for ongoing success.

Lastly, 1) are you in-tune with passion to help others, just to make money or both? Conviction, and real enthusiasm is captivating to all involved in the business development process and the execution of products and services. With passion, you dive deep into a subject that you completely understand. 2) Are you always looking to make things better? With continual questioning on how your industry marketplace is achieving its mission, you never afraid of the majority in making changes that impact all. 3) Are an optimistic entrepreneur that sees no challenge, but opportunties? You must possess an excitement about an idea where at times seem to be an aggressive challenge with an objective bigger than oneself. Boundary pushing in finding what is possible is the key to our success together. 4) Are you able to take calculated risks? We have high tolerance for risk while understanding there is never a guarantee of success. So, the ability to work without being controlled by others, some outside forces or independent and to be decisive is critical to moving progressively forward. At this juncture, an agile and adaptable approach is essential. We help to make all things clear as we execute with tested ideas and with authentic feedback of various perspectives.

We look forward to the collaborative efforts with you and our team.

Together, we make it possible.