Rideshare Essentials

The Expeditor

Our Members enjoy the use of rideshare services, the cash back offering, and other travel discount rates, and credits.

Members are offered competitive group travel rates and discounts as well as special trip cash back incentives.

Today, rideshare service(s) is essential part of our day-to-day activities for convenience and arranging short notice shared rides due to various travel or automobile challenges.

Our Ridesharing service can be arranged in a short notice by setting an appointment via our Partner collaboration called thExpeditor.

The Ridesharing vehicles are equipped with technological advances, such as GPS navigation devices, connection to smartphones, and social networks necessary for inquiries and our customer safety.

Safety is our #1 priority for every customer while ensuring that vulnerabilities is mitigated at every turn.

However, one percent of all completed travel will be donated to the thExpeditor Upward Mobility Youth Initiative (UMYI).

Together, we make it possible.